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Log Homes

Answer a Few Question In Just
Minutes to Begin Your Home Building Process.
Answer a Few Question In Just Minute
to Begin Your Home Building Process.

We Build Log Homes

Answer a Few Question In Just Minutes to Begin Your Home Building Process.
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TIMBER RIDGE'S  Home building process

Here at Timber Ridge, we are the dealer, builder and supplier. Through our unique approach, you work directly with one person during the design phase and throughout the whole construction process. We hand mill our own logs locally and have our experienced crew work directly on site. By eliminating the middle man, not only do you reduce the amount of stress and headaches, but also save an average of 10-15% on the total cost with Timber Ridge's log home packages.

The Timber Ridge Difference

6 Steps to Your Dream Log Home

Our business is log and timber homes.

The best material goes into our homes.

Our guys have the skills.

We live the “green” lifestyle.

Every home we build is custom.

We invite you to check out the homes we’re building

Compare other log home builders.

6 Steps to Your Dream Log Home

6 Steps to Your Dream Log Home

1. Define your lifestyle.

2. Find your property.

3. Sketch out a plan and develop a budget.

4. Consider the savings from “green” construction.

5. Finalize your house design.

6. Build your dream home.

Custom Design Services

6 Steps to Your Dream Log Home

Top CAD architectural designers

Software and hardware upgrades

Improved communication

Custom design for the same price as standard drawings



Why should I select cedar over other types of wood?

How much can Timber Ridge Log Homes customize my home?

How do I wire my log home?

Will my log home require exterior finishing?

What type of base should my log home be constructed upon?

Must all walls of my new log home be constructed of wood?

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