Log Home Restoration & Maintenance

If you own or recently purchased a log home in Nebraska or Iowa that has stood the test of time, both the interior and exterior of it have likely seen better days. Log homes are designed to last for decades, but if they’re not properly maintained and updated over time, they can start to show their age. Equipped with over 15 years of experience, Timber Ridge Log Homes can breathe life back into the log cabin you just bought by setting you up with log home restoration services and performing any log home maintenance that needs to be done. We’’ll make your log home look new again in no time.


Prior to doing log home restoration on an older log home, Timber Ridge Log Homes will inspect every aspect to get a better idea of what kind of condition it’s in. This inspection is part of the restoration services Timber Ridge Log Homes provides. Once the inspection is over we put together a detailed plan for the restoration and our team of log home experts begin the process of restoring your home and enhancing the overall appearance. We also conduct log home maintenance throughout the life of the home to make sure no detail goes overlooked.


Timber Ridge Log Homes restorations specialises in media blasting old finished to make any weather log look like the day it was milled. Through our stain and preservative products from Perma-Chink Systems we will make the exterior of your home easier to maintain. Some neglected log homes will have rotten logs and TR Log Homes will step in repair or replace those logs.


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