New Log Home Design & Construction

Have you always dreamed about building your own log or timber home from scratch? Timber Ridge Log Homes can bring your dreams to life by providing you with a new home design and construction services. Based in Louisville, Nebraska, Timber Ridge Log Homes has been helping people throughout Nebraska and Iowa create cedar log homes from the ground up for over15 years. You can customize a log home in whichever way you want and make it work for you and your family’s lifestyle.


At Timber Ridge Log Homes you work directly with the me Zach Wedekind and my team of experienced carpenters who specialize in assisting people as they work their way through the many steps included in a new log home design and construction. From drawing up the initial plans for a custom home to making sure that each detail on a log home is perfect once it’s finished, Timber Ridge Log Homes can handle it. We can give you access to a wide range of materials and incorporate features like custom log timber work, specialty wood slabs and rustic product, large variety of wood sidings, and handmade furniture and cabinetry.


Get a feel for what you can expect when you call on Timber Ridge Log Homes for new log home design and construction by checking out some of the homes the company has built in the past. From more modest ranch style properties to much larger wooden palaces, Timber Ridge Log Homes can put together plans for just about any new log home you want and make it look unique. You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind house made to last for a long time.


Call Timber Ridge Log Homes at 402-980-3612 with any questions you might have about new log home design and construction.

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