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About Us

We Build for People


Timber Ridge Log Homes Is A Family

Our root in construction starts with the founder of the company Dave Wedekind in the 80's when he built agricultural buildings. From 1993 - 2000, Zach grew up him building several residential homes with Dave. In the mid 2000's the two took interest in log work but using a few cedar trees on their own property. The Father and son duo built logs home kits for others and inspired them to pursue this type of construction.


In 2004 is when the company was founded and became dealers with a log home manufactures. As time went on, the company wanted to step away from a dealership and set a new path of high-quality handcrafted construction.


In 2007 Zach moved to Canada to learn handcrafted log home skills from world renown instructor Pat Wolfe. Coming back home was during the height of the housing market crash. Zach worked for other framing crews building hundreds of residential and commercial projects around Omaha.

In 2009 the company went full time into only log home construction, remodeling and restorations.  By 2012 we invested in a sawmill. This allowed Timber Ridge Log Homes to really excel in producing our own timbers and products. The company since then built relationships with logging sources all across the country to bring in the best quality logs we can get. In 2015 the company invested in new log home restoration equipment to expand our restoration side of business.


"Our old ways of hand grinding and using chemical strippers was time consuming. We bought a sand blasting set up to quickly and effectively remove old stain finishes. In 2018 we expanded in offering timber framed barns. We only wanted to offer the best timber framed structures available, so we mill our own timbers and use proven Mortise and Tenon construction techniques." - Zach Wedekind

The company has now grown to become the primary log home and timber frame builders in Nebraska and Iowa.

"Working with Timber Ridge Log Homes, you don't feel as if you're an "employee", but rather a team member. Everyone has the same goal in mind. You feel welcomed and like you've joined a collective. They value ideas, creativity, and show application for hard work given." - Brandon King-Taylor, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Our Mission

Zach Wedekind, Owner

At four years old, Zach started pounding nails and has loved construction ever since. He's always had a passion building stuff. In 2007 he moved to Canada to learn handcrafted log home trade secretes from world renowned log home craftsman Pat Wolfe. Through the late 2000s he's work framing hundreds of residential homes and commercial buildings. He's focused full time on log homes since then. He's expanded the business into experts with log and timber frame construction, log home restorations and maintance and handcrafted timber framing.

Sub-Contractors We've Worked with Over 12 Years

Josh Phelps

Josh is a master carpenter with 22 years of experience. He has been working on projects with us for over 12 years. He brings a unique set of skills and talent that is appreciated. 

Mike Savge

Mike has a masters plumber license and has been in the plumbing business for over 30 years. We've worked with Mike for all of our projects.

Rob Gulitza

Rob has an electrical contractor's licenses and has over 16 years of experience. One of our favorite things about Rob is, prior to starting the project he will walk through the home with the homeowner to insure everything is how the homeowner wants it.

Derby Heating & Air

Derby Heating & Air has been in business for the past 30 years and we have used them for all of our projects. Bob does quality work and uses energy efficient equipment at a fair price. 

We work with several charity organizations​ and donate money and labor on different projects. One of our special projects have been with Make-A-Wish foundation of Nebraska. In spring of 2021 we were invited by McGill Restoration to collaborate on our first project for Make-A-Wish and it was a great experience to make a child's wish to come true.


We built this custom log home fort, and it was a blast. We built it in our shop and the crew from McGill Restoration helped us put it in place. We were so touched by this experience we now have made it a tradition to build one every year.

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