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Restoring New Life

Into Your Home

We are Nebraska and Iowa's most experienced company when it comes to log and timber home restorations. Through years of trial and error we've learned the best techniques from start to finish to have a perfect finish. We do everything from complete stain removal, wood rot repair, staining and Maintenace staining. Full restoration takes anywhere from 2-6 week with the average home 3-4 weeks of time. We only do around 3-5 restorations and around 6-8 Maintenace staining's per year, so our schedule books up fast. Be sure to contact us today to get you in our schedule, we specialize in log home Maintenace, restoration and log home inspections locally in Nebraska and Iowa and work with in 3 hours of the Omaha metro area.


Step one is removing the old finish. We do that by sand blasting the old finish using crushed recycled glass.  We protect the windows and landscaping with plastic and tarps to collect as much dust as possible during the sandblasting process.


Step two, after sandblasting all the old finish, we then lightly hand sand the wood. This helps remove any leftover bits of finish and most of all flattens the texture of the wood from sand blasting.

DSC06101 (2)_edited.jpg

Step three, after all the finish is removed, we then locate any rotten areas of the wood. When fixing rot all the soft decayed wood much be completely removed.

We have a variety of methods to repair wood. We use epoxy, log face replaces or if need full log replacement. During this time, we will also seal up any areas that can cause future rot or energy loss.


Step four, we are now ready for staining. We wash the house down from top to bottom removing any dust and dirt on the home. We protect all the windows and around the house with painters' plastic. We spray and back brush three coats of finish, two coats of stain and one coat of U.V. clear coat. Last, we apply log end seal of on all the exposed end grains to prevent future log end rot.

If you have any additional questions about log home maintance please contact us today to discuss more. 

Below are some past projects we've completed.