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Residential Homes

Our log homes are handcrafted to a custom design. We have an inhouse draftsman to design your home to the specifications you'd like. Our goal is to build you a home that is made to last a lifetime. Click on the image below to see other homes we've made.

DSC05471 copy.jpg


We work within three hours of Louisville, NE for all log home restorations. We offer a full service that includes rot repair, media blasting, staining, and maintenance staining. As an additional service, we offer log home inspections.


We suggest you have your home inspected before buying the property. We will inspect rotten logs, staining condition, water runoff, and future issues. Click on the photo below to see the homes we've restored and brought to life into.


Custom Projects

We love doing special projects. We can do anything from timber trusses, timber stairs, post and beams, slab tables and countertops, pergolas, and just about anything else timber related. Click on the photo for more information.


Commercial Buildings

Big, wide open timber framed structures are perfect for commercial buildings and reception halls. We can build your venue to any specific designs and styles. We can also build commercial timber frames with both square and full round timbers. Click on the photo for more information.



When Timber Ridge Log Homes transforms your home not only does it increase the home’s value, but also improves energy efficiency. Take advantage of your current home having a natural log appearance with our true hand peeled milled logs and half log siding or any of our other wood sidings. Click on the photo for more information.


Custom Furniture

With Timber Ridge Log Homes, we have a secondary business we own called Rustic Lumber Store. Our products include live edge wood slabs and boards, wood siding, rustic furniture and more. Here we sell and create custom furniture. Click on the photo for more information.

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