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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Here at Timber Ridge, we offer a broad range of services and products. Our specialty is building log homes and timber frame construction in Nebraska and Iowa. All of our structures are milled and handcrafted right here in Louisville, Nebraska. We also specialize in log home and timber frame restoration and maintance.

Commercial Construction

Big, wide open timber framed structures are perfect for commercial buildings and reception halls. We can build your venue to any specific designs and styles. We can also build commercial timber frames with both square or full round timbers.


If you don't have designs and prints already completed we can refer you to a draftsman and can provide engineered stamped prints. We build in Nebraska and Iowa but can ship pre cut components nationwide. Click here to see our commercial construction builds.

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Residential Construction

Here at Timber Ridge, we are the dealer, builder and supplier. We offer . We hand mill our own logs locally and have our experienced crew work directly on site. By eliminating the middleman, not only do you reduce the amount of stress and headaches, but also save an average of 10-15% on the total cost with Timber Ridge’s log home packages. Click here to see our residential builds.


Timber Framing

​We build our timber frames with only handcrafted techniques. True Mortise and Tenon with wooden peg style joinery, oversized timbers and hand chiseled cuts.​

Too often timber frames now days are made in production factories in masses using steel plating for joinery. We stick to what is proven for thousands of years, hand crafted timbers and joinery. We supply timber framed buildings in Nebraska and Iowa and can ship nationwide. Click here to see our timber framing builds.

Timber Framing

Custom Projects

We love doing special projects. We can do anything from timber trusses, timber stairs, post and beams, slab tables and countertops, pergolas, and just about anything else timber related.

We have our own log yard and sawmill and wood kiln in Louisville, Nebraska. This allows us to cut anything into any specifications you have. We also have very specialized equipment to flatten large wood slabs and beams. Through our retail store Rustic Lumber Store we offer hundreds of wood slabs, lumber, logs and beams. Click here to see our custom projects.

Custom Projects

Log Home Restoration

If you own or recently purchased a log home in Nebraska or Iowa that has stood the test of time, both the interior and exterior of it have likely seen better days. Log homes are designed to last for decades, but if they’re not properly maintained and updated over time, they can start to show their age.


Equipped with over 15 years of experience, Timber Ridge Log Homes can breathe life back into the log cabin you just bought by setting you up with log home restoration services and performing any log home maintenance that needs to be done. We’ll make your log home look new again in no time. Click here to see our restoration projects. 


Log Home Renovations

When Timber Ridge Log Homes transforms your home not only does it increase the home’s value, but also improves energy efficiency. Take advantage of your current home having a natural log appearance with our true hand peeled milled logs and half log siding or any of our other wood sidings.


If need our team can match similar logs and timbers from your current home to match your newly remodeled space. We do log and timber frame remodeling in Nebraska and Iowa. Click here to see our renovation projects.


Milled Log Kits

If you're a DIYer looking to build your own log home, we can help you out. We have pre-milled cedar log home kits. These packages come with all the logs, sealant, gaskets, screws, and more. 

We help our customers with the knowledge needs to get you in the right path. When we make the delivery, we show you how all the numbered logs lay out and how to properly seal and set logs in place. Having the onsite experience to get you started off in the right path will make the project much smoother in the long run. Click here to see our milled log home builds.

Milled Log Homes
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