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Our Homes

Are Built To Last A Lifetime

We are Nebraska and Iowa's premier log home and timber framed builder. We specialize in only log and timber framed construction. Each home is meticulously crafted by hand from our small team of craftsmen. We cut timber one by one putting quality over quantity and everything is milled at our log yard right here in Louisville, Nebraska. We order semi loads of raw logs in different species for different types of construction.


We have the largest log home timber log yard anywhere around. We are not a dealer for a high production national milled log home company. We buy raw logs and cut our timber to exact specifications for your home.


Handcrafted is all we do. We hand cut and chisel each log and timber one by one. Having your home built by hand using techniques use by our ancestors brings a whole different meaning to quality and craftsmanship.


We build additions onto existing log and timber framed homes. We can cut logs and timbers to closely match your existing structure and have the skills to attach into existing timber structures. We can manage the job from start to finish or just do the log and timber work needed.

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We build both log homes and timber framed homes. One isn't better than the other. They both have their pros and cons. It all matters on the style of home you want and what your lifestyle is for the homes use. Both styles of homes we build are done with handcrafted techniques.


We can build complete turnkey ready homes. This service means we will work with you from start to finish. We will design the home, line up all the sub-contractors, materials etc. and manage the project through the entire build. We will build a home start to finish within one hour or so from Louisville, Nebraska.


We can also do weather tight, or timber frame only package. Weather tight means we would do all the framing, log and timber work, roof framing and window installation. Timber only package would be us only erecting the log and timber frame, the client would take care of all stick framing needed. We offer weather tight package up to 2 hours from Louisville and timber only package available for jobs up to 6 hours from Louisville, Nebraska.

Below are photos and videos from our prior projects. 

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