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The owners of Timber Ridge Log Homes have been building family homes for more than 25 years. It wasn’t until 2004 we started focusing squarely on custom log home construction.

Since then, we helped many people throughout Nebraska and Iowa create custom log homes. They’ve also spent the last decade performing log home restorations and even opened their own sawmill back in 2012. On top of all that, owner Zach Wedekind has also spent time in Canada learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to log building from legendary log builder Pat Wolfe. Timber Ridge Log Homes has incorporated much of what he’s learned into the custom log home construction the company does.

As the largest log home construction company in Nebraska, Timber Ridge Log Homes sets itself apart from the competition by accommodating custom requests from customers. If you have a specific set of ideas you want to work into a log home, Timber Ridge Log Homes can see to it those ideas end up in the final plans for the home. Timber Ridge Log Homes also sources lumber both locally and from all over the country to keep custom log home construction prices as competitive as they can be. It ensures customers are 100 percent satisfied with both the finished product and the price they paid for it.

Outside of offering custom log home construction and log home restoration, Timber Ridge Log Homes can provide a long list of other services to customers. These services include:

  • Log Home Inspections and Restorations
  • Log Home Remodeling
  • Timber Barns and Structures
  • Wood slabs, Mantels, Bar Tops, Live Edged Wood
  • Custom Cut Logs and Timbers
  • Rustic Lumber Yard Open To The Public

From start to finish, you’ll enjoy your entire experience while working with Timber Ridge Log Homes. Timber Ridge Log Homes will begin by working directly with you throughout the design phase of a project before moving on and completing the construction process with an unmatched attention to detail. They’ll also actively work to keep costs low so your project doesn’t go over budget without sacrificing any of the quality you would expect in the end.

Call Timber Ridge Log Homes at 402-980-3612 or fill out this contact form to obtain more information on custom log home construction.

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